Editorial Policy

Social Worlds is a digital magazine, primarily in French with a selection of articles in English, created by researchers. Its mission is to make research findings in the humanities and social sciences available internationally, both within academia and for the general public. The magazine’s articles are short (1800 words), accessible to a wide audience, and present research published in the scholarly press (books or book chapters, journal articles). The articles selected are then formatted by the Editorial Board, such as adding images, cartoons, or videos.

Before submitting an article, a film or a video, please:

  • Become familiar with the editorial policy as stated in “Social Worlds, What’s That?” and by reading other articles on the site;
  • Note that the images (photos, drawings, gifs, or videos) are often humorous, ironic, symbolic, metaphorical, etc. They may also be chosen for their aesthetic or technical qualities. Original cartoons may also be used to illustrate the articles. The Editorial Board has given total freedom to the illustrator; it is his/her responsibility to adhere to all applicable laws. The final choice of illustrations will be made by the Editorial Board. However, authors or video producers may make suggestions as long as the images are free from copyright.

We look forward to counting you as one of our authors!

The Editorial Board, Muriel Lefebvre and Simon Leveque

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