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Mondes Sociaux (Social Worlds) is an online, open access magazine primarily in French with a selection of articles in English. It was created by researchers to share published research findings with a wider audience.

Social Worlds’ articles are short (1500 words), illustrated (photos, drawings, gifs), and accessible to non-scholars. The magazine has the following sections:

Publications: a summary of an article, a book, or a dissertation, which may be written by the original author(s) or another scholar.
Two or three things about… : articles synthesizing research (by individuals or groups) on a given theme. The main purpose is to highlight the scholarly or practical importance of the subject, the scholarly debates about it, the various ways that the subject has been treated, and the main findings.
Opinion column: article about a current debate in academia or in society, for which the humanities and social sciences can provide relevant information.
Researchers: biographical articles highlighting the significant aspects of a scholar’s career as well as particular aspects of his/her body of work (research subjects, theories, methodologies, main contributions, etc.). This article may also include a special focus on one aspect of his/her body of work.

Social Worlds also posts ‘research films,’ which are shot during research in the humanities and social sciences and which produce knowledge by being filmed and produced. Each film has a short introduction.

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The section Thirst for Knowledge has videos from Social WorldsYouTube channel. This channel gives voices, sounds, and images to research in a format adapted for a wide audience. The shows are hosted by Manon Bril, PhD in history.

As you can see, Social Worlds is very attached to sharing and circulating knowledge. As a result, you can reprint our articles online or on paper; of course it is free and under Creative Commons license! But you cannot modify or edit our articles, nor of course sell them. If you do reprint them, you must explicitly credit Mondes Sociaux (Social Worlds) and include a link to the article itself or to our English home page.

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